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You've learnt the awesome LEGO Serious Play method and now you want more. A place to ask questions, connect with other LSP people, learn about innovative new uses, practise with others and continue the journey.

Innovative & Inclusive

We don 't care who you trained with or how you learnt LSP. If you're willing to bring your ideas and connect with others then we want you in the community.

We have people just starting out in LSP, we also have some of the brightest LSP minds in the world and we have people at all stages in between. Everyone is welcome to come and contribute to the conversation.

Highlights of the LSP Community


Ask a question or jump in with an answer or idea. It's also perfectly fine to lurk and soak up all the good vibes.

Session Reports

People report back on LSP sessions they've run showing the good, the bad and the hopefully not too ugly. Lots of lessons learned.


Regular community chats and LSP Mastermind problem solving sessions keep us all connected face to face (or video call to video call).

External Resources

Links out to the most amazing resources we all find out there in the wide world. Videos, podcasts, articles, tutorials.


A chance to build models, post photos and share stories on a variety of topics. It's nice to do LSP sometimes rather than always run it.


A growing library of bite sized learning to help you to grow. From tech to workshop facilitation tips.


Long form articles that go in depth on LEGO Serious Play and Facilitation.


A space to find opportunities (free or paid) to get involved as an extra facilitator in LSP sessions.


Browser or app or email; there's a ton of ways to stay connected to the community. I love having an app on my home screen dedicated to LSP.

A Modern take on Conversation & Community

The LSP Community is not a social network, nor a boring old forum. It's a modern take on having a deep civilised conversation and building community. We use the latest software and combine it with dedicated community management to provide a space to further your learning.

How it all Started...

Hi! I'm Michael Fearne, the founder of LSP

I've been an LSP facilitator and trainer since 2013. I noticed quite quickly that the broader LSP world was fragmented into different pockets depending on who you trained with. In late 2018 I decided to create a place to bring people together. A community that didn't care who trained you or how experienced you were. A place to share and to learn.

LSP is both social connection and a vast repository of LSP knowledge. We come, connect, give and take. We progress our own understanding and the collective understanding of the amazing method that is LEGO Serious Play.

Check out what our Members say

"The LSP Community has become my daily fix!

It's such a welcoming place to explore, share and learn about the different challenges and questions LSP facilitators from around the world are thinking through at the moment. "

Guy Stephens

"A space for both the curious and obsessive. From gathering good ideas and practical tips, to applying the method in new ways - it's a nexus of knowledge and experience.

This generous community is a great resource for facilitators who want to know and do more with LEGO Serious Play."

Ben Mizen

"Generosity in action. I have rarely seen such an enthusiastic and like-minded group of people who are willing to help folks whom they have never met!

If you have a question about LSP, or want to brainstorm, just put it out there and people (from all over the world) will be ready and willing to share their expertise and ideas."

Sarah Ritchie

How to Join the LSP Community?

The LSP community is free to join!

The purpose of this community is to create a safe, online space for anyone to talk LEGO Serious Play. If you're passionate about LSP and want to connect with others like you, then click on the button below to check out the community!

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